Werder Bremen

GERMAN CHAMPION 1965, 1988, 1993, 2004
GERMAN CUP 1961, 1991, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009

Founded back in 1899, Werder has managed to both be total crap and scale the heights of German soccer. They won the championship in 1965, 1988 and 1993, and also the Euro Cup-Winners Cup in 1992. For a team with limited resources, a very fine achievement indeed.

Back in 1899, 16 schoolboys got together and founded FV Bremen to play soccer. In 1920, they started adding other sports. Initially the success was limited to city competitions, but by the 1930s they were competitive in regional Gauliga matches as well. With WWII, all sporting was eventually stopped, and it wasn't until after the war that the slow climb back started. In 1961, the club solidified it's reputation as the No.2 in the north (behind HSV), by winning the DFB Cup for the first time. As a charter member of the Bundesliga, Werder played a strong role early on, and then surprised everyone by winning the title in 1965. A runner up title in 1968 however was the last gasp, and things started downhill. Eventually it led to relegation.

Nevertheless, under coach Otto Rehagel, Werder began the climb back to the top of the table. The 1980s were good years for Werder. New championship titles, Cup wins and finally a European Cupwinners cup (1991 with 2-0 over AS Monaco) brought more honor to the Weser. The constant was coach Rehhagel, but several outstanding players filled the ranks: Austrian international Bruno Pezzey, midfielder Miroslav Votava, forwards vertean Manfred Burgsmüller, Frank Neubarth, Rudi Völler, Karl-Heinz Riedle. By the 2nd title in 93, most had been replaced, with new stars, e.g. another Austrian, Andreas Herzog, and forward Marco Bode.

Werder never really got off the ground in 98-99, disappointing their fans, who expected much more. The next season was a bit better, with an exciting attacking team. However the squad seemed to run out of gas at the end of the season. They were clearly beaten by Bayern in the Cup final, but qualified for the UEFA with Bayern taking the title.

2003 started off decently, but little did Werder fans realize that they would finish their greatest season ever. They secured the title by beating Bayern away, and ended up taking the double by knocking off upstart Aachen in the DFB-Pokal final. Although many of the key players left the club for more lucrative contracts elsewhere, Werder's 2003-04 season certainly was one to remember.

Although it was no surprise that Werder was unable to defend the title, they did finish a respectable 3rd in 2005. It seems like every 10 years or so Werder put together a good series, so they should be strong for the next few seasons.

2009 proved to be a trying year for Werder fans, a true season of ups and downs. Basically, in the Bundesliga the team stunk, and yet they had one of their best results ever, a crunching 5-2 away win at Bayern München. But inconsistency plagued the squad, and they would follow up good results with brain farts. A solid Champions League performance was hurt by a difficult group draw, but in the subsequent UEFA Cup, Werder entered the final as a slight favorite. However, with playmaker Diego suspended, the team was bereft of ideas and lost to Shakthor Donetzk 1-2 in overtime. But Werder would not end the topsy-turvy season without silverware: they ended up winning the DFB Cup for the 6th time.
Fullname Sport-Verein Werder Bremen von 1899 e.V.
City Bremen (Hansastadt Bremen). Pop: 546,000 (2002).
Address Am Weserstadion 7, 28205 Bremen.
Phone: (0421) 434500 Fax: (0421) 493555
Colors Currently green jersey with orange sleeves, white shorts. Traditionally all white with green trim. Road is green shirt, white shorts.
Stadium Weserstadion. Capacity: 35,282 (30,000 seats)
Built in 1926, originally belonged to ATSB Bremen, and was known as the ATSB Kampfbahn. When they could no longer afford the debt, an independant leasing company was formed, and the first tenant was Werder, which until then had played at the H¨ckelriede. In 1934, the city took over administration.
Tickets Multi-tiered pricing, depending on the opponent. Given the relatively small stadium, tickets will be hard to come by. For "crappy" teams, prices range from a low of 9.50 Euros to 57 Euros. The same range for "top" clubs is 12.50 euros to 108 euros. (2003/04)
Supporters Strong suport in the north. Werder usually averages 30,000 or more fans per home game.
Foes Regional rivals Hamburger SV are the biggest.
Heroes Over 30 German internationals, although most are from the last 20 years. Defender Horst Höttges played from the mid-60s-70s, with 66 caps and 420 Bundesliga matches. Many of the other favorites had careers elsewhere, e.g. Mario Basler, KarlHeinz Riedle and Rudi Völler
Beer Becks is Bremen's world famous brew. Also Kräsen, an unfiltered Pils by Becks.
Pub Grub
The Net Official site at www.Werder-online.de , and is quite complete. There is an English and Chinese(!) version. Also interesting is that the chess division has a link on the page.

1947-63	(I)	Oberliga Nord

1963-64	(I)	Bundesliga	10th
1964-65	(I)	Bundesliga	1st	CHAMPION
1965-66	(I)	Bundesliga	4th
1966-67	(I)	Bundesliga	16th
1967-68	(I)	Bundesliga	2nd
1968-69	(I)	Bundesliga	9th
1969-70	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1970-71	(I)	Bundesliga	10th
1971-72	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1972-73	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1973-74	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1974-75	(I)	Bundesliga	15th
1975-76	(I)	Bundesliga	13th
1976-77	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1977-78	(I)	Bundesliga	15th
1978-79	(I)	Bundesliga	11th
1979-80	(I)	Bundesliga	17th
1980-81	(I)	2.B-liga Nord	1st
1981-82	(I)	Bundesliga	5th
1982-83	(I)	Bundesliga	2nd
1983-84	(I)	Bundesliga	5th
1984-85	(I)	Bundesliga	2nd
1985-86	(I)	Bundesliga	2nd
1986-87	(I)	Bundesliga	5th
1987-88	(I)	Bundesliga	1st	CHAMPION
1988-89	(I)	Bundesliga	3rd
1989-90	(I)	Bundesliga	7th
1990-91	(I)	Bundesliga	3rd
1991-92	(I)	Bundesliga	9th
1992-93	(I)	Bundesliga	1st	CHAMPION
1993-94	(I)	Bundesliga	8th	DFB Cup Winner
1994-95	(I)	Bundesliga	2nd
1995-96	(I)	Bundesliga	9th
1996-97	(I)	Bundesliga	8th
1997-98	(I)	Bundesliga	13th	DFB Cup Winner
1999-00	(I)	Bundesliga	9th	DFB Cup runner up
2000-01	(I)	Bundesliga	7th
2001-02	(I)	Bundesliga	6th
2002-03 (I)	Bundesliga	6th
2003-04 (I)	Bundesliga	1st	CHAMPION, DFB Cup Winner
2004-05 (I)	Bundesliga	3rd
2005-06 (I)	Bundesliga	2nd
2006-07 (I)	Bundesliga	3rd
2007-08 (I)	Bundesliga	2nd
2008-09 (I)	Bundesliga	10th	UEFA Cup finalist, DFB Cup Winner
2009-10	(I)	Bundesliga	3rd
2010-11 (I)     Bundesliga	13th
2011-12 (I)     Bundesliga

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