Borussia Neunkirchen

Founded in 1905, this club has been a Saarland powerhouse that has fallen on harder times. They played in the Bundesliga 3 years in the early 60s. In the early 70s, they participated in the promotion playoffs for the Bundesliga, but since then, things haven't gone as well.

After the merger in 1907 between FC Borussia and SC Neunkirchen, the club had only modest succes. The best result was probably in 1922, when they made it to the finals of the Southern rounds, losing to Wacker München. There were some decent results in the Gauliga Südwest in the 1930s, and in the 1940s, they were active in the so called Gauliga Westmark. Like all clubs, VfB Borussia was banned after the war, and like most, was restarted soon afterwards.

Neunkirchen participated in the French puppet Saarlandliga, winning the title in 1949, finishing runner-up next season. In 1950 they withdrew from all competition, until allowed to rejoin German leagues.

Despite decent results in the regional Oberliga, Neunkirchen was not invited to join the Bundesliga, but by winning the Regionalliga Südwest and the resulting Promotion rounds, were promoted to the top flight. After two seasons, the were down, bounced back and then dropped again. Aside from a couple crap appearances in the 2.Liga, that was it for Borussia's higher division visits.

In the 99-00 season, they won the Oberliga title, but failed completely in the promotion playoffs. Getting crushed 0-5 at home to Wuppertal pretty much eliminated them from the get-go.

In general, Borussia appears to be a little too strong for the regional southwest league, and insufficient for a more national level. Expect them to continue to bounce around. After winning the Oberliga title in 2005, the club did not apply for a 3rd division license, remaining in the 4th division.

Fullname Borussia Verein für Bewegungspiele Neunkirchen e.V.
City Neunkirchen (Saarland). Pop: 50,600 (2002).
Address Postfach 1342, 66153 Neunkirchen/Saar
Phone: (06821) 88395 Fax: (06821) 87755 e-mail:
Colors Whte short with red/black trim, black shorts. Road uniform is blue-yellow shirt, blue shorts and socks.
Stadium Ellenfeld. Capacity: 29,200 (3,000 seats).
The original construction was about 1913, although there have been additions since.
Tickets 5-10 euros (2004). VIP tickets an extra 15 euros.
Supporters Averaged 451 in 2004 (Oberliga).
Foes Logically, 1.FC Saarbrücken would be a rival for Saar supremacy.
Heroes Only two German internationals, and 12 Saarland internationals. Karl Ringel actually played on both.
Beer Karlsberg-UrPils, from a nearby brewery in Homburg.
Grub and Pub
The Net Official site: , very graphics intensive.

Recent History:

1963-64	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1964-65	(I)	Bundesliga		10th
1965-66	(I)	Bundesliga		17th
1966-67	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1967-68	(II)	Bundesliga		17th
1968-69	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	5th
1969-70	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	4th
1970-71	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1971-72	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1972-73	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	5th
1973-74	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1974-75	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	18th
1975-76	(III)	Amateurliga Saarland	1st
1976-77	(III)	Amateurliga Saarland	1st
1977-78	(III)	Amateurliga Saarland	1st
1978-79	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	20th
1979-80	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	1st
1980-81	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	19th
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	11th
1982-83	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	9th
1983-84	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	12th
1984-85	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	11th
1985-86	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	7th
1986-87	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	10th
1987-88	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	14th
1988-89	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	8th
1989-90	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	3rd
1990-91	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	1st
1991-92	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	4th
1992-93	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	6th
1993-94	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	4th
1994-95	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	8th
1995-96	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	18th
1996-97	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	7th
1997-98	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	6th
1998-99	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	3rd
1999-00	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	1st
2000-01	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	3rd
2001-02	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	1st
2002-03	(III)	Regionalliga Süd	19th
2003-04	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	10th
2004-05	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	1st
2005-06	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	9th
2006-07	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	10th
2007-08	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest	

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