SSV Reutlingen 05

Founded 1905 as FC Arminia Reutlingen, the current name was adopted in 1938. The main trophies are winning the (relatively worthless) German Amateur title in 1974 and 1997.

After WWII, SSV quickly established themselves as a decent regaional team, and gained admission to the Regionalliga Süd in 1963. In 1965, Reutlingen took part in the Bundesliga promotion, but was shown it's limitations. After a 1-1 at home, they went down 0-7 at Mönchengladbach. Still they were a decent 2nd division club. This lasted about 10 years, and then they disappeared into the nether-regions of southern football (aside from horrible last place finish in the 2.Liga Süd in 1977). It wasn't until the mid 90s that they would emerge back into the professional ranks.

1998-99 was a "coulda" year. Reutlingen played solid, trailing the leaders from Waldhof an Offenbach. Then when Offenbach faltered, they had a chance to seize 2nd place, but instead they sucked and collapsed. However next year was different, as they basically kicked ass and took names. Reutlingen started out with something like 16 straight wins and never looked back, running away with the title and gaining automatic promotion to the 2.Liga. This was followed by a solid year in the 2nd division. Things started going downhill, mostly financially. In 2002, the DFB announced a punishment of 6 points for financial irregularities, and this proved to be deadly. Despite a decent performance on the field, the 6 penalty points were decisive in sending Reutlingen down. To add insult to injury, the Regionalliga license was also denoed, so reytlingen was forced down to the 4th division.

Fullname Sport- und Schwimmverein Reutlingen 05 e.V.
City Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg). Pop: 111,338 (2002)
Address Kaiserstraße 2, 72764 Reutlingen
Phone: (07121) 21600, Fax: (07121) 329780
Colors Red jersey, black shorts.
Stadium Kreuzeiche. Capacity: 12,734 (1,134 seats)
Built in 1953, it drew large crowds in the 50s/60s, when standing room was the norm, often around 16,000. There was a plan to increase capacity to 35,000 in 1999, but abandoned.
Tickets 5-14 euros (2004).
Supporters Averaged 1,447 in 2004 (Oberliga).
Beer Zwiefalter Klosterbräu . Regional Swabian brewer. Was a sponsor until promotion to the 2.Liga. After relegation, they became the main sponsor again.
Pub Grub
The Net The official page is Also somewhat useful is , a fan page.

Recent History:

1963-64	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		5th
1964-65	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		2nd
1965-66	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		8th
1966-67	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		6th
1967-68	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		3rd
1968-69	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		9th
1969-70	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		11th
1970-71	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		15th
1971-72	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		10th
1972-73	(II)	Regionalliga Süd		17th
1974-75	(II)	Amateurliga Schwarzwald		2nd
1975-76	(III)	Amateurliga Schwarzwald		1st
1976-77	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd		20th
1977-78	(III)	Amateurliga Schwarzwald		1st
1978-79	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	20th
1979-80	(IV)	Verbandsliga Württemberg	2nd
1980-81	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	11th
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	14th
1982-83	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	19th
1983-84	(III)	Verbandsliga Württemberg	7th
1984-85	(III)	Verbandsliga Württemberg	1st
1985-86	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	13th
1986-87	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	8th
1987-88	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	7th
1988-89	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	1st
1989-90	(III)	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ.	2nd
1990-91 (III) 	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ. 	3rd
1991-92 (III) 	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ. 	1st 
1992-93 (III) 	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ. 	3rd 
1993-94 (III) 	Am.Oberliga Baden-Württ. 	2nd 
1994-95 (III)	Regionalliga Süd 		14th 	
1995-96 (III) 	Regionalliga Süd 		4th 
1996-97 (III)	Regionalliga Süd 		3rd 
1997-98 (III) 	Regionalliga Süd 		4th 
1998-99 (III)	Regionalliga Süd 		3rd 	
1999-00 (III) 	Regionalliga Süd 		1st
2000-01 (II)	2.Bundesliga 			7th 
2001-02 (II) 	2.Bundesliga 			10th 
2002-03 (II) 	2.Bundesliga			16th	denied license 
2003-04 (IV) 	Oberliga Baden-Württembg.	9th
2004-05 (IV) 	Oberliga Baden-Württembg. 	3rd
2005-06 (IV) 	Oberliga Baden-Württembg. 	1st
2006-07	(III)	Regionalliga Süd		11th
2007-08	(III) 	Regionalliga Süd		12th
2008-09 (IV)	Regionalliga Süd		12th
2009-10 (IV)	Regionalliga Süd

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