1.FC Saarbrücken

Founded in 1903, with some 1600 members. The biggest results were a couple of runners up titles, the last in 1952. However, the main success is really the fact that they managed to play in the Bundesliga for four seasons.

The "root" of the club was the soccer section of TV Malstatt in 1903. It was renamed in 1909 to FV Saarbruecken, basically non-descript, until in war year 1943, when they made a fine run and lost to Dresdner SC 0-3 in the finals. The club was banned after the war and refounded as 1.FC Saarbruecken in 1945.

During the French occupation of the Saarland, German clubs were essentially forcibly removed from the German leagues and forced into a puppet Saar league. FCS in fact played in the 2nd French division, which they won easily. However they were prevented from playing in the French 1st division, as , the French soccer federation refused to admit FCS into the French league, probably afraid that the Frenchies would get their asses kicked, which would have been a major embarassment. Of course, if they had wanted to hold on to the Saarland, they should have done just that. FCS instead relied on playing friendlies, and showed they were a pretty strong club. (If you think that's a joke, consider that FCS whipped Spanish champ Real Madrid in 1951 by 4-0!!) Meanwhile, the FCS 2nd team won the Saar league championship. With the reentry of the Saarland into the Federal Republic, FCS rejoined the Oberliga.

Although they were a founding member of the Bundesliga (finishing dead last), the highpoint of FCS success was probably the mid 1970s, when they played two seasons in the top flight. They also accomplished single season stays in the mid 80s and early 90s.

The 1994-95 campaign turned out to be a low point in FCS history. On the field, they played decently enough, finishing in the upper half. However, with chaotic finances, the DFB denied them a 2nd division license, and they were forcibly relegated.

FCS entered the 98-99 season as the leading favorite for promotion to the 2.Liga. They held the lead late in the season, but then whithered when faced with Aachen's withering pace. They subsequently collapsed and even failed to make the playoffs. However next season they were not to be denied. They were strong throughout, and won the Regionalliga title, gaining promotion back to the 2nd division. However, the play proved to be short, and FCS certainly lives up to it's reputation as an elevator team...

Fullname 1.Fußball-Club Saarbrücken e.V.
City Saarbrücken (Saarland). Pop: 183,000 (2002)
Address Lebacher Str. 31, 66113 Saarbrücken
Phone: (0681) 97 14 410 Fax: (0681) 9714411
e-mail: info@fc-saarbruecken.de
Colors Black and blue
Stadium Ludwigspark Capacity: 35,286 (7,851 seats).
Right off BAB 623, or about 10 minutes from the main train station, via Bus line 42.
Tickets Tickets range from 7-25 euros (2004), and are pretty easy to get, at least until FCS makes it back to the Bundesliga.
Supporters Flagship team of the Saarland.
Friends There is a Saarland-Japan exchange/friendship program that includes FCS in a major way.
Foes Local Saarland competition, such as FC Homburg. Regional rivalry with Kaiserslautern.
Heroes 3 German internationals, the best of which was Edmund Conen, capped 14 times (plus another 14 for Stuttgarter Kickers) from 1934-42. 20 Saarland internationals from the 1950s.
Zeroes The French Football Federation, who after forcing FCS to play in the French 2nd division, refused to let FCS play in the 1st Divsion after winning.
Beer Karlsberg Ur-Pils
Grub and Pub
The Net Official site: www.fc-saarbruecken.de

Recent History:

1963-64	(I)	Bundesliga		16th
1964-65	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	1st
1965-66	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	2nd
1966-67	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	2nd
1967-68	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	5th
1968-69	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	3rd
1969-70	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	6th
1970-71	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	4th
1971-72	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	12th
1972-73	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	13th
1973-74	(II)	Regionalliga Südwest	2nd
1974-75	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	7th
1975-76	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	1st
1976-77	(I)	Bundesliga		14th
1977-78	(I)	Bundesliga		17th
1978-79	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	8th
1979-80	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	5th
1980-81	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	17th
1981-82	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	3rd
1982-83	(III)	Am.Oberliga Südwest	1st
1983-84	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		10th
1984-85	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		3rd
1985-86	(I)	Bundesliga		17th
1986-87	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		15th
1987-88	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		13th
1988-89	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		3rd
1989-90	(II)	2.Bundesliga 		3rd
1990-91	(II)	2.Bundesliga		5th
1991-92	(II)	2.Bundesliga Süd	1st
1992-93	(I)	Bundesliga		18th
1993-94	(II)	2.Bundesliga		14th
1994-95	(II)	2.Bundesliga		7th	forcibly relegated
1995-96	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	7th
1996-97	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	3rd
1997-98	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	4th
1998-99	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	5th
1999-00	(III)	Regionalliga W/SW	1st
2000-01	(II)	2.Bundesliga		8th
2001-02	(II)	2.Bundesliga		16th
2002-03	(III)	Regionalliga Süd	6th
2003-04	(III)	Regionalliga Süd	3rd
2004-05	(II)	2.Bundesliga		12th
2005-06	(II)	2.Bundesliga		16th
2006-07	(III)	Regionalliga Süd	15th
2007-08	(IV)	Oberliga Südwest
2009-10	(IV)	Regionalliga West	1st
2010-11	(III)	3.Liga			6th
2011-12 (III)   3.Liga

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