SC Verl 1924

Founded in 1924, SportClub Verl concentrates solely on soccer, with slighly over 1,000 members. For the most of it's history, the club was content to kick around in the various Westfalen leagues. However, starting in the 1980's, the club began to move up in the tables, culminating in 1994/95 with a surprising runner up spot in the Regionalliga. In the last couple of years, the team has been plagued with inconsistency, capable of knocking off good teams, and getting poor results against others.

A solid, if unspectacular campaign in 1999, followed by a repeat next season, qualifying for the new combined Regionalliga.

Fullname Sportclub Verl von 1924 e.V.
City Verl (Nordrhein-Westfalen). Pop: 23,768 (2002).
Address Stadion an der Poststraße, 33415 Verl
Phone: (05246) 925080 Fax: (05246) 9250828
Colors White jersey with black trim, black pants and socks.
Stadium Stadion an der Poststraße. Capacity: 5,000 (1,000 seats)
Tickets 7-15 euros, "VIP" 50 euros (2007)
Supporters Averaged 774 in 2004 (Oberliga). A fan club, "Der Harte Kern" with it's own website
Pub Grub
The Net Official site: .

Recent History:

1970-71	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		3rd
1971-72	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		6th
1972-73	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		3rd
1973-74	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		3rd
1974-75	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		7th
1975-76	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		7th
1976-77	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		7th
1977-78	(V)	Landesliga Westfalen-1		2nd
1978-79	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	4th
1979-80	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	5th
1980-81	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	2nd
1981-82	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	8th
1982-83	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	4th
1983-84	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	4th
1984-85	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	2nd
1985-86	(IV)	Verbandsliga Westfalen-NO	1st
1986-87	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		9th
1987-88	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		13th
1988-89	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		7th
1989-90	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		6th
1990-91	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		1st
1991-92	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		3rd
1992-93	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		2nd
1993-94	(III)	Am.Oberliga Westfalen		5th
1994-95	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		2nd
1995-96	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		10th
1996-97	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		7th
1997-98	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		10th
1998-99	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		10th
1999-00	(III)	Regionalliga West/SW		9th
2000-01	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		6th
2001-02	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		11th
2002-03	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		15th
2003-04	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		2nd
2004-05	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		5th
2005-06	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		2nd
2006-07	(IV)	Oberliga Westfalen		1st
2007-08	(III)	Regionalliga Nord		18th		
2008-09 (IV)    Regionalliga West		8th
2009-10 (IV)    Regionalliga West		9th
2010-11 (IV)    Regionalliga West

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