The Abseits Guide to German Soccer

Abseits is German for "offsides", and that would certainly be an apt description for this website. This site is basically a personal soccer (and beer) tour across Germany, somewhat organized (and I use that term very loosely). I pretty much write about whatever interests me, within the realm of German soccer. Also included are some worthless observations on the various regions. So if you happen to be travelling in the area, there might be some useful info, but unlikely :)

(In addition, I've included a useful phrasebook geared to the American traveller in one of the colorful local dialects. This doesn't contain the usual crap, like "What is the best museum in town?", but rather everyday conversational American terms, such as "Where is the nearest gun store?", "Why don't you foreigners speak American like everybody else?", "Can I get super-size fries with that?" or "You can't talk to me that way, I'm an American, damnit!!")

What this site is NOT, is a good source of up-to-date news on players, matches or even clubs. There are obviously better sources for that, although learning German might be a good first step. And it is not an unbiased review either, since I'm writing from the perspective of a fan. If you don't like it, don't read it.

So, Auf gehts!

News & Commentary Blog ..... Occasional info of interest

Club list ..... Listing of the profiled clubs
Die Ligen ..... The German league structure
Die Nationalmannschaft ..... The German National Squad
History ..... Info on Previous seasons
Who's Who ..... German soccer figures
Die Länder ..... Where to find them ...Travelling through Germany's regions
Essays ..... Original Articles and thoughts on German soccer
Other Links and Stuff ..... Other useful links about German Soccer

German-English Soccer phrases ..... Soccer related terms translated
English-Viennese Phrasebook ..... How to speak to the locals in Vienna
Soccer Book Reviews ..... Books and publications on soccer
German Soccer Beers ..... Clubs and their brewskis (under development)

Abseits Web Update ..... What's new on the Abseits-Web
About this Web Page ..... Why this page exists...

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